Strategic Professional Selling Lecture @ Schulich

Strategic Professional Selling Lecture @ Schulich

Tonight I (Jacqueline- creator of all things Soak) am speaking at Schulich School of Business, York University.  My MBA is from Schulich, in case that isn’t obvious.  I’ll be in a class on Strategic Professional Selling. Ajay Sirsi, PhD is the professor at hand.

Ajay has recently launched his own marketing book, Marketing: A Roadmap to Success (I’ve included the retail link- if you’d like to reach Pearson Ed, email me). I also use this great text in the course I teach at George Brown College- Design Strategy, in the Post Grad program in the School of Design.

Tonight’s lecture is about the experiences and challenges of selling into retail accounts (especially key accounts, Sears in Canada, for example).

This lecture is a first round for the upcoming Small Business Forum hosted by Enterprise Toronto, where I’ll have my very own full session on key account sales. Description below:

Courting, seducing and building everlasting (and profitable) relationships. At Soak we’re passionate about business. From the products we make, to the tools we create, the presentations we design, our brand, our relationships and our endless enthusiasm. Learn strategies and key insights on how to take your business from a few accounts to profitable key accounts- selling into big business.

If you’re interested in the full slide deck, send comments and I’ll post them when they are finalized.