Food for (holiday) thought

Food for (holiday) thought

Author: Jacqueline

A while back I received my beautiful apple cozy(ies) in the mail at the office. I bought 4 from UnravelMe… One for me, one for my sister and two for friends with whom we spend every Xmas eve. It was love at first sight.

This year, our friends have decided that for Xmas, we are each to bring a bag of food for the local food bank (USA) local food bank (Canada) rather than bringing gifts. Brilliant. We’ve also extended this great idea to our family Hanukkah party.

Since I already have my 4 apple cozies I am still going to bring them, each with apples inside. I believe they fit right in with the food bank theme. Mine however, will live at my office with or without an apple in it (depending on my lunch that day) because it’s just that pretty.

We’ve already begun collection food for the local food bank at the Soak office. Our friends and family brought food offerings to our holiday open house. We encourage you to give to your local food bank this holiday season. As most families are financially strained, so are the food banks. I also learned that food banks (at least the ones near us) can’t use plastic bags any more, so donating re-usable bags is also a great idea. Happy holidays.