Designer: Fig Tree & Co.

Designer: Fig Tree & Co.

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We’ve been a bit hush-hush about our newest scent. It’s launching this fall and it’s all about Fig. Fresh-picked clean. This scent is ripened with sweet fig and lychee, crowned by dandelions. Delicious. Oh, and all the labels are designed by Joanna Figueroa, textile designer, author & owner of Fig Tree & Co, a quilt & sewing pattern company.

Joanna has a lovely and unique sensitibility about her fabric designs. She’s also got such a unique company and name that it has inspired this new scent. Why “Fig Tree” many of you have asked? Is it a particular fondness for the fruit? A Biblical reference? A childhood memory? Actually, it’s not all that profound. Instead its all about her husband Eric [at least that’s what she likes to tell him]! Being that our her name is Figueroa, his friends have referred to him with the nickname of “FIG” ever since Junior High School. And since they often call their kids the Figlets and Eric runs all the background and production work of the company, they couldn’t think of a more appropriate name than FIG TREE. And so FIG TREE & COMPANY was born.