Summertime Soaking

Summertime Soaking

While getting outside for some well needed vitamin D after a long Winter, the warmer temperatures means more perspiration and dirt that gets trapped in our clothing. Depending on how much you sweat and how often you wear articles of clothing, washing frequency may vary. Here are some general tips on washing your most worn Summer items.


Active Wear

mich workoutWhether you do cross-fit, yoga or go for regular strolls, your body is producing heat and perspiration and while modern sportswear is designed to wick away the moisture while you work out, the bacteria and dirt gets trapped inside the fabric. It is best to wash your active wear as soon as possible after use, not letting your sweaty gym clothes sit around for too long as they can start to get an awful smell. Sports bras especially should be washed after every use, as they sit tightly on your body and collect sweat and bacteria. It’s a good idea to give them a pre-soak as soon as possible before laundering, so fill the gym sink or a basin at home with cool to lukewarm water and Soak your sweaty goods. Soak is a gentle wash that is perfect for use on any delicate fabrics like active wear and gives them a freshness that lasts. Follow the care instructions as per the label on your clothing, but generally washing inside out (either hand washing or on a gentle cycle in a machine) in cooler temperatures and laying flat or hanging to dry is the way to go.



Depending on where you’re taking a dip, there are different factors that can affect the life of your swimwear. Pools have chemicals like chlorine that can breakdown the fibers of your suits, and at the beach, the salt water, tanning oils and sand can also do a number on them. It’s always a good idea to give your swimwear a rinse right after use with cool tap water and then take it home for a longer Soak afterwards. Check the label for what kind of material your bathing suit is made of for proper care instructions and follow for best results. It is always the ideal to hand wash no matter the material, as swimwear tends to be very delicate. Soak is a gentle way to keep your suits clean and ensure the fibers don’t get broken down by harsh washes like regular detergent or bar soap. Soak doesn’t actually neutralize chlorine, but it does help remove chlorinated water and dirt so your suit lasts longer. Although Soak has a no-rinse formula, rinsing your suit and and Soaking it again can really help get the chlorine smell out. Never wring out your suit after washing, this can cause it to lose its shape and damage the fibers. Rather, use dry towels to roll up and gently press out the excess water and then lay the suit flat, out of direct sunlight, to dry.



Washing bras is one of those things women can easily overlook and forget to do regularly. Bras come into direct contact with parts of the body that perspire the most such as the underarms, chest and back, and therefore need to be washed after every couple wears. Especially in the Summer, while we are moving around more in higher temperatures, washing your bras more often is necessary as sweat can break down the elastic. A good rule of thumb is to not wear the same bra 2 days in a row, to give the elastic time to reset its shape, and also wash after every 1-2 wears depending on your level of perspiration. To extend the life and freshness of your bras, rotating wear and regular soaking are key to ensuring a longer lifespan. The ideal washing scenario for lingerie is to hand wash in cooler temperature water, in the sink or a basin, keeping sets together for colours to stay true. Soak is perfect for your laciest lingerie, and like with swimwear, we recommend rinsing after soaking. Although hand washing is preferable, washing in the gentle cycle, using a mesh laundry bag with the hooks clasped is also an option. Soak can also be used in both regular and HE machines, just follow the manufactures directions and add it as you would a liquid laundry detergent, and run the machine on the delicate cycle. Never tumble dry your bras, as the heat and tumbling action can ruin its shape and deteriorate the fabric. Either lay flat to dry on a towel or hang on a hanger, after reshaping the cups. Don’t save your favourites for special occasions, wear them every day and put on your prettiest, best-fitting undies all the time, and feel fabulous!