Back-To-Soak School: Drying

Back-To-Soak School: Drying

Drying your garments after washing may seems like a simple task compared to the knowledge of fabrics necessary to properly launder garments, however it is equally as important. Certain fabrics will shrink or even deteriorate if dried incorrectly. Be sure to read the previous lessons in Understanding Laundry Care Symbols and Washing Fabrics to be certain you’re handling your favourite pieces properly. The following are some tips related to the drying process.

tennis balls

Tennis balls may seem out of place in a laundry room, but they are actually very useful when using a dryer. When drying down filled items like blankets, jackets and pillows, throwing some clean tennis balls into the dryer helps to fluff them out. The repeated beating that items get from the fuzzy yellow balls actually also speeds up the drying process. Be careful when using this method, as the dye from the balls may transfer onto your items, so proceed with caution.

dry towels

Like tennis balls, fluffy dry towels can also help speed up the drying process. Throwing a dry towel into a freshly washed load helps to absorb excess moisture and reduces drying time. You can also use dry towels when hand washing by rolling up the delicate items and gently squeezing out water before hanging them to dry. 

lint trap

Always empty the lint trap! It can cause fires within the dryer and also makes the dryer more efficient when emptied. Make it a habit to empty it after every load.

hang to dry

In the warmer months, it’s great to hang your clothes on the line or even inside the house. It’s energy efficient, and even necessary to some fabrics. If your home doesn’t have enough room for a clothes line, use a folding dry rack to hang clothes. It saves space by folding up and getting put away when not in use, and very handy on laundry days!

avoiding wrinkles

Always take clothes out of the dryer as soon as they’re done to avoid creating unnecessary wrinkling in wrinkle prone fabrics. Using Flatter smoothing spray will also help to release some wrinkling, and you can use it with your iron or steamer.