Fall Soaking: transitioning from swimwear to sweaters

Fall Soaking: transitioning from swimwear to sweaters

If your wardrobe still looks like this, it is time to start the process of transitioning over to a warmer, more Fall-friendly closet. Here are some step by step tips on how to do that as painlessly as possible.


decide what needs to be packed away until next year

Not every summertime article of clothing needs to be locked away until the warm weather returns. Layering existing pieces with warmer items will work your current wardrobe into a more weather appropriate state. Things like flip flops, bathing suits, thinner material items that won’t get any use can get packed away. Make sure all of the things that are being packed away have been laundered thoroughly and kept in a dry, cool and dark area of your home. Pests will be attracted to things like dead skin cells and get into your items, so be sure everything is cleaned before packing it away. Using Soak to hand wash the more delicate items like swimwear, and even using it in your machine for the more resilient fabrics will get them clean and smelling great. Tossing some dryer sheets in with the packed away clothing will keep your items smelling fresh and reduce the chance of mold and mildew. Vacuum sealed garment bags are a great way to save space and keep items safe until you’re ready for them again next year. They discourage pests from attacking your belongings, mold and mildew from forming and other harmful elements from attacking your clothing.


bring out the warmer items

This part is my favourite step to the process of transitioning. Unpacking items that you haven’t seen in months can feel like opening gifts on Christmas morning. Go through everything and ensure it still fits, you want to still wear it and it is in good condition. If any of those things are making you hesitant, you can always alter, donate or fix the item. Hopefully when you first packed these things away last year, you decided between what you wanted to keep and get rid of. Regardless, things can change in the course of a season, and getting rid of anything you know you won’t use will cut down on clutter. Consider donating old items to charities or handing them down to any family or friends. Make sure to clean these items before giving them away, as they’ve been packed up for a while and will need a soak.


clean everything

Once you’ve decided what to keep, even if everything was cleaned prior to packing it away, it’s always a good idea to give everything a good soak before placing it back in the closet. You may be unpacking things like blankets, hats, scarves, mittens, and other cold weather specific items that were stored just in a basket in the closet. There could be pests like spiders hiding in your sweaters, so just to be safe shake everything out and give it a wash before wearing. Soak is perfect for your knitwear and wool blankets, either hand washed or on the gentle cycle in the machine. Take a look at our Soak School page for garment specific tips on how to clean different materials.


If you’re currently residing on the other side of the hemisphere, you can still follow these instructions, just backwards. Whichever way the seasons go for you throughout the year, it’s important to take proper care of your garments. Keeping them clean, washing them properly according to their fibers and storing them safely will prolong their life and keep them looking new longer. The investment you make in your wardrobe is worth protecting, and using Soak can ensure your most loved items stay the way they were when you first fell in love.