Soaking Halloween Costumes

Soaking Halloween Costumes

Store bought Halloween costumes do not always have the best quality materials or workmanship. Depending on the fabric content and embellishments attached to a costume, laundering can be tricky. Some costumes suggest dry clean only and when attempting to hand wash them, can cause them to shrink several sizes or ruin the fabric. Be sure to check the care label and fiber content of your costume before attempting to wash it. Like other delicates, if the costume is able to get wet, using Soak is a great way to get your costume clean.


If you find that your costume is able to be hand washed, fill a basin or your sink with cool water and add a capful of Soak. Keep lights and darks separated when soaking more than one item. Costumes often have basic stitches and embellishments can easily fall off if you’re not careful. Due to the zero agitation necessary when soaking a costume, all of it’s pieces are more likely to stay intact. Gently squeeze out the excess water and use a dry towel to roll the costume before hanging to dry. Never place a costume inside a dryer, as it can cause shrinkage, seams to fall apart and embellishments to fall off.


Using Flatter and a steamer, you can get out any wrinkles left behind after the garment is dry. Make sure to check the care label to see if any of the fabric cannot come into contact with heat, as most costumes are made with synthetic materials. Be sure to store your Halloween costume is a dark, dry place throughout the year when it is not in use. Taking care of your costume before packing it up for the season will ensure multiple uses for years to come. Check out the Soak School section of our site for more information on how to care for other delicate items in your wardrobe.