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Supply Chain and Operations Coordinator

Job Title: Supply Chain and Operations Coordinator
Reports to: President
Date Approved: November 2018

Primary Focus (why this job exists): The Supply Chain – Operations Coordinator Service is responsible for the leadership and seamless operation of inventory, production, logistics and supplier management. Balancing both the physical warehouse and growing ecommerce business, this is a key position requiring a high standard for excellent customer service.

Key Responsibilities / Result Areas:

  1. Demand and production planning for our finished goods, including inventory management and components purchasing and planning:
    1. Forecast inventory based on sales history and sales projections
      1. Set replenishment levels in conjunction with sales manager and management
      2. Manage weekly inventory levels and monthly forecasting
      3. Create a spreadsheet system so management can see inventory levels and forecasting on a weekly basis
    2. Manage finished goods and component inventory
      1. Maintain appropriate inventory levels
      2. Create purchase orders for inventory
      3. Oversee receiving inventory and QC of inbound inventory by warehouse staff
      4. Manage production schedules and timing
      5. Oversee counting by warehouse staff
  1. Manage suppliers and review costs:
    1. Maintain relationships with current suppliers for inventory, components and supplies:
      1. Manage relationships in a friendly and teamwork style, keeping the best interests of the company in mind.
      2. Review pricing changes and present opportunities for savings/ changes
      3. Identify new potential suppliers
      4. Identify areas of improvement and cost savings for the company
    2. Explore new suppliers in conjunction with management:
      1. Identify new suppliers and production opportunities
      2. Research, make initial contact and prepare presentations regarding capabilities and pricing
    3. Manage EDI for key accounts
      1. Receiving and processing orders
      2. Complying with all key account requirements
  2. Manage logistics:
    1. Manage logistics for key accounts and/or distributors
      1. Identify logistics suppliers
      2. Manage quotes/ timing/ plans for shipping and receiving
      3. Manage specific customer needs for freight/ logistics.
    2. Manage logistics for inbound/ outbound production and inventory
      1. Match PO’s with packing documents and invoices for accounting
      2. Oversee delivery schedules of production and inventory relative to warehouse space
      3. Schedule inbound deliveries.
    3. Oversee daily shipping and receiving of orders worldwide.
      1. Oversee weekly shipping activities
      2. Ensure warehouse staff is successful with shipping, receiving and restocking
    4. Work with Sales to onboard new customers. Identify and integrate any system requirements (EDI integration), vendor guidelines etc. to ensure smooth product delivery.
      1. Oversee logistics for new international customers
        1. Track international shipments for successful delivery
        2. Create and manage data on international customers
      2. Develop localization plans for customer regions to meet regulatory, language, labeling and other requirements
  3. Identifying areas for improvement in operational efficiency using technology.
    1. As part of the entire supply chain and logistics system, identify areas that would benefit from technological upgrades and
      1. Save the staff time
      2. Make the office flow more smoothly
      3. Improve the customer experience
      4. Save the organization money
    2. Manage current and introduce new SOP’s (standard operating procedures)


  1. Minimum 4 to 5 years in supply chain. Demand Planning/Forecasting or Production Scheduling background preferred.
  2. Candidate should have 3 years in a senior analyst and/or team lead capacity where they have represented their team in cross-functional projects.
  3. Experience in ecommerce fulfillment, 3PL, using technology to improve processes.
  4. Experience in CPG, liquid cosmetics and packaging development a bonus.
  5. International regulatory/ distribution experience.
  6. Established record of business acumen, ability to self-manage and risk assessment required.
  7. Professional background in a variety of company sizes and compositions preferred. This role requires hands-on work as well as the ability to delegate and manage responsibilities as needed.
  8. University degree in Industrial Engineering, Biochemistry, Supply Chain, Logistics and/or Business administration or equivalent experience required.
  9. Bilingual (English/French) ability is not necessary but definitely a bonus.

About the company:

At Soak Wash Inc., we develop and market leading products for laundry care. Soak, our primary product, is modern care for the laundry you love. We’re growing with new products in new markets around the world. We are leaders in product development, brand continuity and customer interactions. We love what we do and we’d love to have you join us. This position is at our head office in Mississauga. M-F, 9am-5pm.

Are you Soakworthy? Are you able to corral our bubbles and bottle our dreams to success? Do you embrace change? If so, please submit your CV with a letter of intent outlining how both your experience and personality are ideal for our fast-paced work environment. We appreciate all expressed interest in this position, however, only the candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls please. Email for consideration. We look forward to hearing from you.