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Speak up for all Things Soakworthy

Do you love Soak as much as we do? Share the laundry love by becoming a Soaksperson – a brand ambassador for the best, easiest to use, most deliciously scented no-rinse laundry product anywhere.


Are you already a Soaksperson?

Are you always telling your friends how great Soak smells? Are you horrified when a pal admits to throwing her bras in the machine – or sending her cashmere to the cleaners? Do you have a special Soak story, like the time you got engine grease out of the couch or rescued a dress you thought was history? Let’s make it official – sign up for Soaksperson status today.

Why speak for Soak? 

Having you as our Soaksperson helps us, of course (there’s nothing like enthusiastic word of mouth to get people excited about a great product). But spreading the news about Soak also means lots of benefits for you. You can earn rewards, like great Soak goodies. Your friends will be eternally grateful for their clean, wonderfully-scented sweaters and bras.  Plus, we’ll link to your site as a way of saying thanks and declaring you Soakworthy to our customers – so there will be lots of click-throughs for everyone!