The perfect redesign. 95% complete, tons to do.

The perfect redesign. 95% complete, tons to do. 2.0

We hope you love it as much as we do.

Growing up as the underdog in the delicate wash industry, Soak Wash has done some truly innovative things to make its mark as it climbs to the top of the category. With contemporary packaging, luxurious fragrances and extensive retailer support, in a few short years, Soak has established itself among the main players in laundry care. With the launch of this new website, Soak will take the lead on merchandising, retailer education and easy of ordering, firmly establishing its place as the market leader.

We’ve got a few things to tweak, a little more content to add, and we’re all still getting used to our new features and sections. Overall though, we’re so thrilled to offer you this refreshed place to interact with Soak.  This new site is not only a beautiful hub for education and product knowledge, but also an easy site for wholesale ordering. Retailers are listed in a dynamic database controlled by a robust back-end. When logged into the site, Soak stockists can access an ever updating library of product information, staff training and education, merchandising tools and social media support. While the front-end of the site drives content and education towards consumers, the back-end section will open up a new communication channel exclusively for Soak resellers. Soak will provide merchandising tools and education not only for Soak, but for retailing in general, including staff training, point of sale tips and other educational features- you’ll have to stock Soak, and log in to see.

For consumers and retailers alike, there are industry specific sections filled with expert tips and testimonials, not only from the Soak team but from international brands and designers who endorse the product and recommend it for use on their garments. This section will continue to evolve and grow with the brand. The Soakworthy blog will dynamically link useful information with product sections, providing an ever changing center for learning.

Editorially, the site provides many unique landing pages for detailed laundry care. The site is designed for flexible growth, and categories and care knowledge will be added and updated on an ongoing basis. Unlike other traditional laundry care products, Soak is also including a section about its new environmental standards and packaging. Soak’s new 100% post-consumer resin bottles feature water based inks and fully recyclable labels. Additionally, their new formulation is made with renewable and plant based ingredients. Soak strives to lead in the area of ingredients, packaging and transparency of information.

Soak has also designed a proprietary sales rep interface, making ordering and replenishment quick, easy and consistent. Retailers will be able to access video training guides for their employees, material to use on their store blogs, websites and through social media. Sales reps will be able to track sales, leads and orders from anywhere, anytime. The link between Soak, retailers, sales reps and consumers will be strengthened through technology and good design.

We look forward to the coming year as this space becomes the center for consumer and retailer interaction with the Soak brand, and all the products we make. From an unknown brand a few years back, Soak is now becoming a household name and the most trusted wash solution in the market. For that we thank you. Truly Soakworthy.