Q: Why is the price of Soak increasing?
A: As global costs increase so do Soak’s. Increases have been dramatic across raw materials, shipping, logistics and manufacturing – all of which impact Soak’s sustainability as a business. Soak hasn’t had a price increase in years. We work hard to hold off the impact on our customers as long as possible. In order to keep offering a quality, sustainable product a pricing increase was necessary.

Q: Why should I keep buying Soak for my clothes?
A: Soak is committed to providing you with a quality laundry care product that helps you extend the life of your favorite clothes, while continuously looking to improve on our business and sustainability practices. This means continuing to produce Soak locally, compensating staff fairly and improving sustainability practices – in manufacturing, packaging and more. Choosing Soak is not only a commitment to your clothing, but to our communities and planet too.

Q: I’m not sure I want to pay that much for laundry soap.
Soak remains a great value at just $0.24/wash. By using Soak you are also extending the life of your favorite garments, leading to less clothing in our landfills — better for your wallet and the planet. We want you to be able to enjoy your favorite clothes every day, and not just on special occasions.

Q: Why should I choose Soak as my gentle laundry soap of choice?
A: Choose Soak gentle laundry soap because:

  • Soak’s fragrances are light, fresh and not overpowering. Also available in Scentless.
  • Soak is like skincare for your clothing. All the ingredients in the gentle formulation are skin and fabric-friendly.
  • It’s trusted and loved world-wide. “I've been using Soak for over 10 years now. A bottle lasts a good long time, the scents are lovely, and the wash works well. Highly recommend!” —AC
  • It’s made with plant-derived & renewable ingredients.
  • Soak is a rinse-free / quick-rinse formula.*
  • Soak is biodegradable, phosphate-free, dye-free and sulphate-free.
  • It’s safe for hand or machine-washing (including HE).
  • It is a lanolin-free formula (some other brands’ formulas contain lanolin – a waxy emollient derived from sheep– which can be detrimental to some fabrics, and those with wool allergies or sensitive skin).
  • Soak is a liquid laundry detergent – there is never any worry about Soak fully dissolving or clumping, which can happen with powdered formulas.

*Soak is a rinse-free formulation, however we recommend to quick-rinse lingerie & swimwear.


Questions? Email: hello@soakwash.com