Soak Wash - Quilt

Did you know that Mark Lipinski’s posse voted Soak the top wash for quilts? The gentle formulation is perfect for taking care of all types of fabrics, no matter how old, delicate or unique.

From pre-washing swatches to caring for an heirloom piece, Soak is the #1 choice for quilters everywhere.

Find out about your fabric. Where is it from? What kinds of dyes were used? Did it come with special instructions? If it says “do not wash,” consider using it for a project that won’t need repeated washes.

Test it out. First off, check for color fastness and shrinkage. Rub some Soak on a piece of extra fabric; leave it on for two minutes, then rinse.

Wash it first. If your fabric is going to get washed at some point during its life (by hand or otherwise), wash it before you cut. Don’t worry about dirt and overdye. Excess dye and any dirt and oil will appear in the water. That’s okay.