Many silks can be hand-washed, and it's actually better for them than dry cleaning. Silk is made up of a protein that's kind of like your hair, so treat it the same way: gently, without harsh detergents. 

Tips for gentle washing

1. Check the label Some silks can't get wet at all, so always look at the care instructions. For items that say “washable silk,” you should be able to machine-wash on the gentle cycle in an Eco Wash bag.

2. Check for color fastness. Spot test Soak in an inconspicuous area. If the color runs or changes at all, get thee to a dry cleaner, stat. But if it doesn't, you can wash the item yourself.

3. Hand-wash. Soak the silk item in cool water with a capful of Soak, but don't leave it in for more than 4-5 minutes: silk releases dirt quickly.

4. Gently squeeze it in a clean, dry, white cotton towel. Never wring it, and leave it wrapped in the towel to dry: air on wet silk can be damaging. Wrapping it in a second, dry towel can speed up the process. 

5. Press silk while it's still damp. Iron it on the lowest heat setting and press from the inside. This will finish drying the item and tackle any wrinkles. Don't use steam on silk, since it can leave water marks.